Why RELAX Life Wear?

Some of you may be wondering “what made you think of this?” or “how did you get started”?


As you may know, we own and operate Fit TRI Run (518 23rd St, Galveston). Our family lives in comfortable shoes and apparel! Over the last 8 years, we have discovered and brought in the best of the best athletic shoes for running, walking, fitness, working, and overall improvement in foot health. We pride ourselves in offering effective foot solutions for people with pains and other foot issues. We love enabling others to live active, healthy lives, and we personally live for adventure! What do we wear on our feet when we’re not wearing running shoes? Good question!


There is an entire world of comfort walking sandals and shoes as well as athleisure apparel (the cross over between active wear and leisure wear) that I have wanted to stock at Fit TRI Run – but I knew that these great products needed their own “home”. For a few years or more, a store with a lifestyle concept continued to mull around in my head.


The saying goes that if you think about something great long enough and it turns out to be a great idea, then the right opportunities will present themselves. (Okay, that may not be a saying… until now.) Anyway, a wonderful opportunity to have a shop on the Strand became available when the Port of Galveston offered space for rent in their new building!

At RELAX Life Wear, we’re offering all sorts of amazing shoes for your feet, comfortable/ functional/fashionable apparel – some of which could be for work or for play, and super cool gadgets and accessories for a life of adventure, fun, exploration, and just plain chilling.


We hope you have as much fun shopping with us as we have had bringing it all together.


“Can all of these can’t-live-without products fit into one shop?” you ask. “Why, certainly!” we answer.

At RELAX, we believe that the foundation for really living is to “do what moves you”. Whether you’re preparing for a new adventure or enjoying a staycation, go ahead and explore life’s possibilities- we’ve got you covered.