What’s in Store – KEEN Edition

We carry a variety of amazing products at RELAX. We take pride in our selection of comfortable walking shoes. A variety of the footwear we carry can be used for more than one activity or purpose. Our featured product for this week is KEEN Footwear!


Inspired by a love of the outdoors, KEEN has created more than 300 different types of footwear. We carry lifestyle and water sandals for men, women and kids! KEEN offers a durable innovative product you can wear for any occasion. KEEN Footwear is great in and out of the water, dress them up, dress them down and any elevation!


It might seem strange to build a footwear company around a feature, but that iconic toe bumper is more than just a style add-on. It’s what allows Keen sandals to hit the trails and provide the best toe protection possible. In fact, Keen was one of the first footwear companies to make closed-toed hiking sandals.


KEEN is all about inspiring fans to create new possibilities, to get outside often and to care for the world we all live in. As a brand born for life outside, they have kept their values and aspire to protect and preserve the places were we live, play and work. KEEN has preservation projects all around the United States.

KEEN Footwear is committed to putting their values in motion. From the products they make, to the actions taken, inspire ourselves and others to live and work monumental every day.

Employee Picks


“I love, love, love my KEENS! I have the KEEN Whisper. I can wear them as my everyday shoe around town and my feet still feel great. With unpredictable and hot Texas weather they make for great rain shoes too!

KEENS are a must for my river and hiking trips. They offer a super lightweight alternative to hiking boots, even when they are wet. The elastic cord makes them easy to adjust and take on and off. The traction and toe protection are probably my favorite features. They also dry quick and are easy to clean. All in all they make for a perfect multipurpose shoe!”