What’s in Store – Hari Mari Edition

Let’s think about it, two straps, a toe post and a sole are the basic requirements of the flip flop. Never has such a simple item of footwear brought so much joy to the masses, or maybe better said, brought the masses to the joy.


Hari Mari’s roots were born out of a futile search for colorful & comfortable flip flops in a sea of black and brown, and mostly uncomfortable, options. Each Hari Mari flip flop is built with a super comfortable & seamless Memory Foam Toe. A formidable cylinder of memory foam encased in soft nylon to help grip toes, reduce abrasion & do away with painful break-in periods. Also made with soft-squeeze mid-soles, firm arch supports and siped insoles to channel away moisture and improve foot grip. Hari Mari flops keep your feet in constant comfort no matter where your adventures take you.


Along with amazing comfort, there is an array of colorful straps, foot beds & their signature mid-sole stripes. These flops are boat safe with non-slip and non-marking material. Hari Mari’s stand up to wear and age well over time. Each pair is backed by a guarantee, protecting against defect to ensure you get a great flip flop.


Wanting to do more than just create a great flip flop and stunned to learn that pediatric cancer is the most fatal disease among American children – more fatal than almost all other childhood diseases combined – Hari Mari set out to help. To help support kids and their families battling cancer they creating an initiative called Flops Fighting Cancer and committed 1% of each flip flop sale to this initiative.

Hari Mari’s clean aesthetics, design-forward approach and “ahhh”-inducing feel are driven by a commitment to simplicity, color & comfort, making THE flip flop for flip flop enthusiasts…and helping a lot of brave kids along the way.

Employee Picks


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“I love my wearing my Hari Mari Sandas around Baylor’s campus! They are super comfortable, have molded to my feet and go well with almost whatever I am wearing.

They are my favorite pair of shoes and I wear them nearly every day!”