The name says it all

RELAX Life Wear is really cool beyond cool. “Relax” for us is a play on words: the LAX in RELAX stands for Leisure, Activities, Xcessories (accessories). I give total credit to my uncle Peto for this acronym! After many long distance brain storming sessions with him, we came up with “Life Wear” – because this, too, says it all!


RELAX Life Wear encompasses all that you need for an adventurous, limitless life! We have found that the best inspiration and memories are created when you let go and really live. We don’t always have time to take vacations or travel, but we can outfit ourselves for adventure in our own backyards, so-to-speak.


RELAX Life Wear: go ahead and hit the trails, hop on a ship, see what’s on the other side of the mountain, explore a coral reef, or simply lounge in your own backyard and daydream – we’ve got you covered for all of your life’s adventures!

At RELAX, we believe that the foundation for really living is to “do what moves you”. Whether you’re preparing for a new adventure or enjoying a staycation, go ahead and explore life’s possibilities- we’ve got you covered.