Outdoor Activities for Fall

Fall is upon us – and while this doesn’t necessarily mean colder days in Texas, it does mean shorter days are approaching.

Make the most of the upcoming season; don’t use fall or early nights as an excuse to stay inside! Read on for fun fall activities!


1. Take a Scenic Bike Ride.  Sure you can do this any time of the year but early to mid-fall is one of the prettiest times of the year, as the trees still have most of their leaves- some of which have turned vibrant. This is the one of the best times to take a bike through the woods or neighborhoods and use it as an excuse to check out Halloween decorations!


2. Go Pumpkin Picking.  Fall season means one thing – pumpkin season! Restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, and many other places around town start selling pumpkin foods, drinks, and products to welcome in the season. You will also be able to find whole pumpkins all over town, whether you want to go pick your own at a patch or get one from the store. Make a jack-o-lantern with your new prized pumpkin or paint ’em up, and be sure to keep the seeds so you can roast them! Yumm.


3. Host a Bonfire.  Shorter days and cooler weather make perfect ingredients for a bonfire. Grill out, make a batch of hot apple cider, and be sure to remember the s’more fixings!


4. Plan a Day at the Beach.  Alright, so this may not make sense if you aren’t in Texas but the beaches seem more beautiful this time of year. The cool breeze and lower humidity create the perfect invitation to soak up the sun before a cold front arrives. Being outdoors seems more pleasant and the crowds have subsided. Take a day, grab a book and RELAX!


5. Get Out and Run.  What time of year is more perfect for a nice run in the morning or in the evening! Get that fresh crisp air in your lungs and remember to wear a blinky light or reflective gear if it’s dark. Participate in local Fun Runs to keep you active through the season and to help keep those Holiday pounds from finding you! Remember, you don’t have to go fast, you just need to “go”.


6. Enjoy Photography.  Bright multi-colored leaves, teaming autumn wildlife, colorful pumpkins and gourds, and clear, sunny days make for great photo ops. See what amazing autumn things you can capture on your camera!


7. Go Camping.  Cooler, dryer weather means fewer bugs and fewer people; fall seems like one of the best times to go camping. Just remember your hammock and related accessories to keep you toasty and comfy in the autumn air!


8. Play Pick-Up Football.  Labor Day weekend officially kicked off football season… what better way to celebrate that than to play football yourself? Grab family and friends and head out to the park!


Whatever you do in the coming  months, make a point to get outside and enjoy the change of the season. Wherever your adventures may take you, RELAX has your back with the best selection on clothing, shoes, ENO products and accessories!

Live limitless – we dare you!

I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.