If you build it, they will come…

The journey to create and develop RELAX Life Wear began more than a year ago. The added (and unexpected) time-to-opening has been a blessing in many ways; we have evolved into a distinguished brand and our planning within the four walls has expanded and elevated into new and creative heights!

The Port of Galveston is our landlord and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with! I can feel their support and excitement for this project.
We’re on crunch time now where so many things are coming together very quickly. Here’s a peek on May 10th.

Interior Construction RELAX GALVESTON

We’re using local businesses and labor and shopping locally for lighting, fixtures and other needs. We’re also using a local sign company- and their work is AMAZING! If you have not driven by lately, please be sure to do so and check out our exterior sign – it is EXACTLY like we envisioned (thank you, Fast Signs!).

Please check back periodically for updates!
We’re planning an early June opening and will love to see you in our shop!

Relax Galveston